14 Before And After Photos Prove that Weight Is Just A Number

Look at these spectacular body transformations undergone by some very visible people, and some ordinary folk too, in the last few years. This shows some visual evidence supporting the fact that weight is just a number, bodies can transform completely with a little dietary adjustment and hard work (or workouts)!

Lets look at some famous people…

1/14 – Christian Bale

This man is developing a reputation for complete body transformations in each role he takes on. This is not a filmography, just showing evidence of how the body and physique is completely at the mercy of its owner.

These pictures show actor Christian Bale’s complete metamorphosis from the ripped narcissist in American Psycho, to the starved, wasted, character in the Machinist, then as an overweight, portly blob in American Hustle. There are variations on this body in every role the actor plays, but we’ve selected the three most radical transformations that prove that bodies can change with willpower and determination. The speed with which these transformations happen seems achievable in Hollywood, so it gives some hope to the rest of us. None of these radical changes required surgery or invasive procedures. It’s amazing what diet, exercise and willpower can achieve.