Here Is What Happens If You Eat Honey And Cinnamon Daily

The idea of these two together brings sweet thoughts and memories to all those who have been fortunate to encounter them.

Aside from all the deliciousness that these add to our foods, they confer numerous health benefits that may seem unbelievable for things so good.

For the sake of clarity, we are going to take these benefits separately; for honey then for cinnamon.


A sweet food substance produced by bees and has been around since time immemorial. Its use in food dates back to the ancient Greeks. It is produced by bees and nutritionally, a tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose. No fat, fiber or protein, and it does contain minerals and vitamins. The following below are the various health benefits of honey:

1. A better substitute for sugar

It is just as sweet but unlike sugar, protects against heart diseases. It is useful when a quick burst of energy is needed, especially at work or when studying.

Sugar has been discovered to be higher than honey on the glycemic index and this means that it raises the blood sugar level more quickly than honey. This is because it possesses a higher fructose content and lacks trace elements. Even though honey contains more calories, it is a healthier choice.

2. Antioxidant properties

Honey protects the body organs from oxidative damage and has been linked to the reduction of blood pressure. Hence, it is cardioprotective.

Antioxidants have several health benefits – basically the oxidation of our cells is contributing to aging, so antioxidants keep our bodies in better shape.

3. Cardiovascular and liver benefits, as well as improvement of cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Cholesterol plays a role in the development of atherosclerosis which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. It helps to increase the amount of good cholesterol and helps reduce the amount of bad Cholesterol.

Honey helps reduce increased levels of triglycerides which contribute to cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.


Cinnamon is a spice that is multipurpose; delicious in cakes, cinnamon rolls, and even sauce. It is gotten from the bark of trees of the genus Cinnamomum, also ancient, and used to be regarded as a gift fit for kings. So, what benefits health benefits can cinnamon give you? They are:

1. Antioxidant properties

It protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals; the polyphenols it contains makes such so. It can also be used as a preservative and protects the body organs.

Same as with honey, cinnamon will help you live a longer and healthier life in this body.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Cinnamon is helpful in instances of chronic inflammatory diseases, especially autoimmune inflammatory disease.

You don’t have to be seriously ill to benefit from cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory effects – just try a bit when you have a sore throat, in the form of a tea or something you like.

3. Antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects

One of the components of cinnamon- cinnamaldehyde, is important in fighting infectious disease. It thereby makes cinnamon useful in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, prevention of tooth decay, as well as prevention of bacterial growth.

I say if you must eat, why not eat healthily? Start a healthy journey today by finding new ways to incorporate honey and cinnamon into your eating plan.