15 Post Workout Hair Hacks

You have exactly 10 minutes after your workout to get to the next thing on your busy agenda. These quick hair hacks will have you ready for even a smart engagement requiring some polish and a “put-together” appearance.

Most healthy hair can be managed with a 10 minute “workout” session after a shower. These hairstyles were chosen because none require hair styling equipment, and many can be pulled off with minimal effort.

1/15 – Short,“just out of bed hair looks

Short hair is easy. Or so they say. But anyone with short hair knows it actually takes a bit of effort to pull off that “just out of bed” hair. Requires some mousse or wax to stay in,or out, of place.

On the other hand, we are a lot more open about how we wear our hair generally, so literally stepping out of the shower with a brief towel dry and tousled toss could work. This look is fairly seasonal, as short hair is more popular in the hot season. The variations are endless from the classic military crop to short, sassy and elegant.

2/15 – Wet Looks

Ever wonder why the “wet look” was so popular in the 80s. The same decade that spawned fitness as obsession, and bulging muscles was the look to sport. Jane Fonda gear was popular, and so was the polished and shiny “just gymed” post shower look. So too was the ”just stepped out of the shower” hair.

It was also the decade where androgyny was the groundbreaking new look and “cool” and unisex fashion made an appearance for the first time. Short hair for girls and long hair for boys imprinted the look of the ‘80s for the world. Fortunately that gave all hair lengths for either gender many more options in the decades to come.

3/15 – Slicked back, tousled, moussed

Or worn in loose short curls, or naturally straight – this suits all hair types and textures and short styles. The shorter the hair, the quicker you can finish your hair and be gone.

4/15 – Dry, but sculpted cuts

So, moving on from the 80s…

Dry, moussed and sculpted looks hit the catwalks and treadmills ever so often. If you can stay sculpted on the treadmill then you are probably not working out hard enough, but this is dependent on your base hair cut.

Sculpted looks suit very short cuts so you don’t end up with drenched bangs. More favored by men, many women pull off shaved or cut down to No.1 very well. Very short hair for women has been a popular through many decades starting last century. An many icons from the sixties and beyond have had women chopping off their locks.

This look requires some pre-workout effort like a good cut, regular trims to keep its shape and possibly liberal uses of wax and hairsprays. If you keep the style trimmed regularly it requires little effort to run a brush through your locks after a shower and you’re good to go. Hair dryer optional.

5/15 – Long hair

When it comes to long locks, apparently it’s also easy… With a few hair accessories and patience, you can look like you spent hours on grooming your tresses.

6/15 – High Ponytail

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For a practical yet classy look a high ponytail always takes the trophy. A simple ‘up do’ of all your hair in a clasp, hairband or fancy ponytail accessory can serve your look straight from the shower to a social event in minutes.

7/15 – Low Ponytail

The classic, ever popular ponytail. There are dozens of ways to tie your hair back into a single tieback. Popular for both genders with long hair. Favored by school teachers, working women and men, and long haired people of every culture, everywhere.

8/15 – Twisted tail

Divide your high ponytail into two sections and amp up your style by turning as well as twisting them together into a stunning twisted braid. Something between a ponytail and braid, combine the two into a high single hair tie, and braid the tail. A tight high braid is urban and sweat and run-proof at the same time. That is the reason why it has been a classic,wearable gym hairstyle forever. Tidy and graceful!

9/15 – Braided ponytail

A pair of braids pulled along with the rest of your hair into a classic but decorative and quirky tail.

10/15 – Braids

Simple school girl single braid or worn in a pair. This way of wearing your hair has stood the test of time and has proven a long term easy favorite. It has more recently become popular amongst the  post high-school crowd.

11/15 – French braid

This variation on a classic braid can transform you from schoolgirl to chic and elegant, depending how you wear it. Can be worn as a single or a pair of braids, messy or vintage, it always demands a second glance.

12/15 – Classic Bun

When it comes to keeping hair off the face and neck during exercise, a bun can really be practical and look elegant. Apply lots of hairspray to it to keep  keep it together.

13/15 – Low Donut Bun

Classic bun with hair brushed into a smoothed, brushed ponytail twisted around and fastened. Here is where a hair mousse or spray will help hold it all together.

14/15 – Top knot

Tie up, twist hair into a curled up tail, then twist into a high bun, faster with accessory of choice and go. Couldn’t be quicker or easier.

15/15 – Low knot

Gather behind your neck, twist hair into a low tightly curled tail, twits, clip and go. Even easier than its top of the head variation

16. Use hair products


Most workouts end with a shower. Usually you are rushing to get home, get to work, get to the next thing…

For pulling off a successful after-workout, onto the-next-thing look, use hair products! Some of us are too lazy, too hurried or too cheap to invest time and effort into our hair – especially after a gym or workout session.The occasional dollop of gel,wax or mousse goes a long way. Use a drop of your product of choice, and for the more formal engagement, hairspray, to keep the in-between-haircuts look in check.

There are an abundance of products available to fix your hair after a workout that don’t need much time or much effort to pull off a decent “ ‘do”. Short styles and short sculpted bobs are perfect for this quickly adaptable style.


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