Foods to Avoid With Braces

Braces can be quite the nuisance. Such a pain in every sense of the word. Think about it. Having wires and metal in your mouth is just not the most comfortable thing. They push your teeth and make you feel so sore. When you eat and the food gets stuck in them or when it ruins the wires, you definitely feel it. Braces also make it more difficult for you to do the most basic things to your teeth, like brushing or flossing them. While keeping them is a struggle, it is worth it because in the end, you will have some great looking teeth. Here is a list of foods to completely avoid and those to just minimize or be careful with in order to make your experience with braces less painful.

1. Gum

The problem with gum is that it is very sticky. Chewing gum when you have braces is not a good idea because the gum could get stuck in between both the wires and brackets. Gum could even bend a wire or some, which could end up misaligning the teeth instead of having them straight.

Gum is made to dissolve in saliva so some bits of it will sit on the wires of your braces until you find a way of pulling them all out strand by strand. It’s better to save yourself the hassle.

2. Chewy candy, taffy and caramel

They are very sweet of course because they contain lots of sugar, but you want to avoid these if you have braces. They could engulf the braces and also make them start pulling away from the teeth.

Eating such treats could also have them lodged under your braces. This could slowly make your teeth start decaying. You really don’t need to find yourself in a situation whereby you get your braces removed, only to find cavities on your teeth.

3. Nuts, chunky peanut butter and seeds

Every time you bite something hard when you have braces, you risk pushing the wires out of their alignment.

These means you have to make that unwanted visit to the orthodontist so that they can adjust the wires for you. Seeds and nuts can be hard and usually have hulls which could get stuck in between your teeth. You don’t want that.

4. Popcorn

Sometimes, even for people who don’t have braces, popcorn can be hard to eat. This is because their hulls stick in between the teeth when you chew them. The situation is even worse for those who have braces.

For such people, when the hulls get stuck in between the teeth, removing them could be impossible altogether. It’s a painful experience and it could lead to infection.

5. Apples, carrots and corn on the cob

Well, apples and carrots are very delicious and people also like having corn directly from the corn but this is not a good habit for people with braces.

While you still have braces, you should not bite into anything using your front teeth. It could end up loosening the front brackets or bending the wires. Instead of biting into these, cut them first into smaller pieces if you have to eat them.

6. Beef jerky

Jerky is very tough. It’s hard to chew so it can damage the braces and misalign them. Jerky also contains fibers.

These can wrap around the wires of your braces or get lodged in between your teeth. So just stay away from any large pieces of meat that are tough in texture. You don’t need the extra visits to the orthodontist or the extra expense.

7. Fruit juice, sodas, and sports drinks

While such beverages may be tasty and refreshing, they contain too much sugar and acid. For a person with braces, drinking these kinds of drinks regularly will have you end up with some decay under your braces.

That means you will have ruined your smile before you can even start to enjoy it.

8. Inedibles

Avoid chewing things that you really can’t swallow such as pen caps or even biting your fingernails. They can also be too hard on your braces and could damage them.

In case you are one of those people who have this habit, you might want to quit it while undergoing treatment. It may be hard to break the habit, but you have to do your best to stop it.

9. Burgers and tall sandwiches

Burgers are delicious and generally okay to eat. They just become bad for people with braces when they have been stacked with high toppings. For sandwiches and burgers that are very tall, cutting them into smaller pieces is a better way to have them.

That way, you don’t ruin your front teeth. It may be a little awkward to eat your burgers like that and people might even make fun of you in the process, but you will be safer. At least your braces will be.

10. Hard cookies

If you really have to eat cookies even when you have braces, find a better way of doing it. How about pouring a glass of milk, then dipping your cookies in the milk before eating them.

It will keep your braces safe because the milk will soften them, but you will still enjoy the taste of the cookies. Of course, you have to remember to enjoy these in moderation.

11.Soft pretzels, pizza crust and bagels

Rather than biting into these breads, how about cutting them first into smaller pieces then chewing them very carefully.

These kinds of breads can be tough to chew when whole so the cutting helps your teeth because it ensures they are not subjected to the heavy task of chewing hard food. The knife does all that instead.

12.Hard candy

While it is okay to indulge in hard candy every once in a while, making it a habit will lead to tooth decay. It is better to suck your candy rather than chew into it, if a treat is what you want.

Sure there has to be some kind of compromise if you really have to completely give up gooey candy.