They Call It Food, We Call It Trend

After many years of fashion trends, fashion weeks and fashion catwalks, now the spotlight’s on just one main actor: food. We’re living in a wave of cuisine influences, which come both from tv programs and social media or general mediatic environment. As a result, these bombs of food information are clearly visible at every corner of the street and at every ready-to-go food court. Even though you’re not very interested in this growing phenomenon, it’s almost impossible that you miss the increasing food market transformation.

We like challenges and selecting just some of the numerous 2019 food trends it’s a challenge itself. Let’s have a look at our top-16 ranking!

1/18 – The vintage

Readers, forgive Gwyneth Paltrow for she knows not what she did. Believe it or not, the actress’ My recipe book has launched a real food trend. The concept behind vintage stays with the idea of “raw and genuine”. Let’s abandon pots and stoves and go back to the origin, preferring a lack of cooking to better preserve food nutrients.

2/18 – Bowls

Already main characters of 2018, bowls seem not to give up for our 2019 trend ranking. Basically, they became so popular because of their versatile outcome (tofu, salmon, brown rice, avocado are just some of the many ingredients commonly found in them) and quickness in preparation. Who doesn’t want to pretend to be a creative cook sometimes? Well, just use your imagination, buy your favourite ingredients and put them together in our nowadays salad alternative.

3/18 – Non-allergenic foods (B)

Gluten-free, egg-free, lactose-free. Day after day food industries are developing alternatives to the growing population of allergies. You can find almost every product in its non-allergenic copy. Probably one of the only allergenic-full products is Nutella. Can you imagine if one day you read “Hazelnut-free Nutella”?

4/18 – Online groceries and ghost restaurants

Delivery services are everywhere: not only electronics, clothes and homeware, but also food and groceries. To beat the laziness that hits us when we have to go to the supermarket or to cook our dinner, deliveries are the best option: you order online and… et voila, the cupboard is full again and your meal is ready in a blink of an eye.

5/18 – Plant-based foods

Have you heard of the Pegan Diet? Well, if you haven’t yet, you will during this 2019. Pegan diet is the green makeover of the already well-known Paleo diet. Pegan is referred to a diet with a heavy concentration of plant-based foods: even though it’s not completely vegan, it’s with no doubt one of vegan’s closest relatives. Keep it simple: your diet will be 75% made of fruit and veg, with the rest of intake from nuts and seeds or other plant-based protein sources.

6/18 – Pea protein

Vegetarian and vegan trends are bringing with them always new solutions to intake the proteins our body needs. Pea protein seems to unite many schools of thought. It’s obtained by grinding dried peas and it’s already one of the “musts” in fitness sector.

7/18 – Diet tailored foods

Buying food tailored specifically for our diet request. It doesn’t mind which diet you’re in at the moment, you’ll find a product which is perfectly combined to it. Guess how many tailored-foods industries will need to invent with the introduction of always new diets into the market!

8/18 – No added sugar

When there are no sugars around, low or no-calorie sweeteners come around. Stevia, leaf extract and monk fruit sweeteners are among the most common alternatives for the no-added sugar products. Sugar are considered as monsters, bringing the most to follow low-carb diets and cutting off sugar daily intake.

9/18 – Butters everywhere

Peanut, almond, cashew and coconut are more popular than ever in their alternative forms of butter. But that’s not all: butters are spreading in the cuisine because they’re more and more used to create unique recipes. For example, herb butter or miso butter are the perfect ingredients when we deal with stews or soups. Their flavour adds something special to the final result… from what we hear.

10/18 – Eco-friendly packaging

Good news: goodbye plastic bags in grocery stores. The law should be applied by June 1st 2019 in order to fight against waste. It’s finally the era of more eco-friendly solutions: many brands are opting for more eco-friendly wrappers, boxes or bags, underlying the importance of recycling. Hopefully, this won’t be just a trend, but a never-ending way of behaving.  

11/18 – Coconut water breakdown

Coconut water is tastier than the old good H2O and it seems to have miraculous features for hangover recovery and hydration. But its time is over, as in 2019 it’s being kicking out by maple water (which has less than half of the sugar) and cactus water (which is our best friend in skin revitalisation). Anyway, avoid drinking jars of these alternative waters, as they still contain sugar without any fiber!

12/18 – Jackfruit instead of meat

Jackfruit is a source of iron, calcium and B vitamins, making it a good substitute for meat. Good, not perfect: in fact, even though it helps you reduce your calorie and fat intake, it doesn’t have as many proteins as meat. But give it its moment in the sun, and you will smell the sense in using it as a protein. Come on, jackfruit, 2019 is your year, even though you smell bad!

13/18 – Bread baking

Have you ever woke up on a Sunday morning with the scent of bread’s perfume spreading around the house? Well, apparently this 2019 will be the best occasion to try that happiness-bringing feeling, as home bread baking is claimed to be one on this year trends.

14/18 – Ugly veg

Ugly veggies are having a moment in line with the spreading phenomenon of waste-reduction. Even though defective foods aren’t as #instagrammable as their perfect copies, they’re as healthy as their beautiful versions, and sometimes even more so, when, displaying their unique look.

15/18 – The fusion of flavours

A real marriage between different flavours, spices and consistencies seems to play an unexpecting role in this all new 2019. Surely, it’s part of the cross-cultural tendency of unifying and dividing, but we find very interesting that we can play with tastes we’re not really close to and create something special and, why not, delicious. Strawberries and black pepper, blue-cheese and chocolate – combining odd pairings of food seem to be the next big thing.

16/18 – Insects

Crunchy or slimy, bittersweet or salty. It’s your turn to add some adjectives to the description as soon as you’ll try some insects! Insects aren’t a new arrival on the kitchen table but they’ve always been far away from us. Popular in many non-western cuisines and street-food, they’re nutritious, low in fat and high in protein and they exist in large quantities that aren’t in danger of being over farmed. A small change in mindset can open you up to a whole new species of food.

17/18 – Dessert hummus will be a *thing*

Not exactly a health food when combined with chocolate or decadent sweet flavors, the basic vitamin-B-rich basic chickpea spread makes one think it can’t be that unhealthy either, after all, it’s packed with protein and fiber.

18/18 – Probiotics will reach your pantry cupboard

We all have the most appropriate probiotic for us stowed somewhere in the door-shelf of our refrigerator. 2019 may be the year where we reach for more natural and homemade preparations containing naturally lacto-fermented pro-biotics. Kimchi, yogurt and sauerkraut are making a comeback as a regular part of our diets again.