15 Minutes to go: Hunger, I Don’t Fear You!

It happens sometimes – often – that we run out of time and our stomach doesn’t stop to complain, asking for something to fill it. Salty crisps or ready-to-bite buttery cookies seem to be the most reachable and quick options we have in these cases. Diet can wait and you’ll be satisfied after your tasty “meal”, who wouldn’t be happy with all those sugars in the blood?

Let’s get to know some healthy kitchen shortcuts that are both tasty and fast to assemble. We’re sure your body will thank you back after having tried them!

1/16 – Chickpea Curry (Chhole)

A bowl of chicken pea curry

If you have 15 minutes and a little bit more than a handful of ingredients to use, you could try this healthy Indian recipe that has canned beans at its center. The recipe can also be enriched with some side vegetables, like roasted cauliflower florets and served with brown basmati rice or warm naas, as typical in Indian cuisine. Quick and super-flavoury, isn’t it?