16 Best Fat Burning Foods

Most of us are always looking for ways to burn fat from our bodies, especially as we approach summer. Burning fat is easier said than done though and a big part of doing it successfully is changing your diet. There are a number of supplements on the market that claim to burn fat, but these claims are generally insubstantial or dangerous.

With that in mind, here are 12 of the best foods that help burn fat!

1/16 – Coffee

Most people associate their morning brew with caffeination and a boost in productivity, but it can also aid in burning fat.

Caffeine in the coffee helps to improve both your physical and mental performance by speeding up your metabolism and cutting out any extras like milk and sugar keeping, it as slimming as possible.

It’s worth remembering that caffeine can be dangerous in excessive amounts so you should try to limit your intake to a few cups a day.

2/16 – Fish

Fish such as salmon, tuna and herring contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which not only help reduce your risk of heart disease but also provides protein to help give you a feeling of fullness after you’ve eaten.

You may be thinking that eating foods high in fatty acids can’t burn fat, but omega-3 is one of the healthiest and most important micronutrients that you can have in your diet and is found in abundance in oily fish!

3/16 – Eggs

Eggs are an amazing health food, especially the whites. They’re not only packed with protein and increase your metabolism for hours, but they also help burn calories when eaten for breakfast, especially when compared to people who eat toasted bread or bagels for breakfast.

Eggs don’t only help you burn calories, but they also make you feel fuller for longer, meaning that you don’t have to eat as much and feel fuller for longer.

4/16 – Green Tea

The research on the effectiveness of green tea on weight loss isn’t overly conclusive and seems to differ based on how much they drink and by whom.

Some studies have shown that green tea provides an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate that helps burn fat. Plus, it also contains caffeine to help speed up your metabolism.

The jury is still out on this one but drinking three of four cups a day could help to increase the number of calories you burn.

5/16 – Whey Protein

The main ingredient in a lot of protein supplements, whey protein is incredible at building and maintaining muscle, even during weight loss.

The way that it helps to burn fat is by not only increasing your metabolism more than other types of protein, but it also suppresses appetite and keeps you fuller for longer.

Used as both a snack in fat-bombs and as a meal option additive, whey protein is great not only for a pre-workout supplement, but also to cut fat!

6/16 – Chili Peppers

Just because chili peppers are great for burning fat doesn’t mean that you should eat a bunch and set your mouth on fire! They are a great source of antioxidants and should be added to your diet.

Apart from helping protect your cells from damage, chili peppers keep your metabolism running as fast as possible even when taking in reduced calories, meaning that more fat is burned.

If chili peppers are a little bit spicy for your taste, then you can use cayenne peppers to have the same effect.

7/16 – Quinoa

Most people seem to think that carbs make you gain weight regardless of where they come from, but that is not true. Even though eating excessive carbs can make you gain weight, they’re a necessary part of your diet, and your body needs them in reasonable amounts.

A modern superfood, quinoa, is a seed (not a grain) that is packed full of fiber and protein to keep you fuller for longer. The thing that makes quinoa a superfood though is that it doesn’t raise your blood sugar after you eat it, and per ounce it contains a lot of protein.

Raised blood sugar makes you want to eat more sugar and more carbs, cutting your fat burning ability. With quinoa you’re getting necessary carbs without the cravings!

8/16 – Greek Yoghurt

High protein dairy products can help keep you full after ingesting them as well as even boosting fat loss. Greek yogurt does this and is also an excellent source of probiotics that help improve the health of your gut.

Full-fat dairy products are actually generally better for you than low-fat products, and the same goes for Greek yogurt. Full fat yogurt contains a linoleic acid that promotes fat burning and weight loss, but most of them get removed in the fat removal process.

9/16 – Nuts

A great source of protein and good fats, nuts are a portable snack that helps you to stay fuller for longer while providing essential nutrients to your diet.

Almonds are probably the most affordable nuts for fat loss, but you can also try nuts like peanuts, cashews and macadamia nuts to get a great fat burning effect.

10/16 – Berries

As they’re absolutely loaded with antioxidants, berries can reduce cravings and appetite and have less calories and more fiber than a banana.

Since they also take up a lot of space, they’re also visually satisfying, making you think that you’re eating more than you are.

Blueberries are the best type of berry for fat loss, but raspberries and blackberries are also great at satisfying those cravings.

11/16 – Olive Oil

One of the healthiest fats that you can include in your diet, olive oil is a polyunsaturated fat and can increase good cholesterol and help your body to produce hormones that keep you feeling full.

Olive oil can also speed up your metabolism and help you lose that stubborn belly fat.

It’s easy to add to your diet too, drizzle some into the pan before you cook or add a dash of it to your salad to get the full benefits. Olive oil is healthiest unheated.

12/16 – Grapefruit

Grapefruit can help to reduce your sugar cravings since it has so much fiber in it and is better for burning fat than more popular juices like orange and apple. Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels and make your body take longer to break sugar down, meaning that you’ll have less sugar cravings throughout the day. A study conclusively found that drinking grapefruit juice with a fatty meal promotes weight loss.

13/16 – Walnuts

Walnuts are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate your insulin levels, and can help people struggling with insulin resistance. They are rich in antioxidants, are a natural anti-inflammatory, promotes good gut health because of its fiber content, and may even reduce your risk of some cancers. Their fat content actually helps with weight control, in moderate amounts, by keeping your insulin levels in check.

14/16 – Kale

Twenty years ago few people had heard of kale. Now almost any well supplied greengrocer will advertise their stock of this superfood.

An alkaline food, high in fiber for its weight helping to slow down the release of glucose, and therefore insulin spikes, it will not cause too much metabolic disruption to your digestion. High in magnesium for your muscles and iron, it is energizing and helps reduce stress hormones in the body.

15/16 – Oats and Oatmeal

Oats will keep you full longer than most sugary cereals, and longer even than other grain based breakfasts. Oatmeal, or overnight “raw” oats, will burn calories more slowly because it is rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which take your stomach and gut longer to break down, using more energy to digest, so you end up burning some calories just digesting oats.

16/16 – Lentils

A cup of lentils contains almost two-thirds of your recommended daily intake of fiber (about 65%). A pulse, lentils also score well on its protein content, iron, magnesium and B-vitamins. It’s a great alternative base to your meal instead of other starchier, carb-loaded low, protein bases.