6 Easy To Read Signs Your Body Tells You About Your Overall Health

You are probably talking to a lot of people every single day. But there has been some information that you might have totally neglected. There are some health factors, that you can immediately see on one another. With the help of these factors, you can not only guess their overall health, but you can check yours also. Let\’s see the tells we are talking about.

Gray Hair Before Turning 40

In some cases, a gray mane might just be the cause of genetics. If it\’s not, it can be caused by diabetes. The rule of thumb is, if more than 50% of your hair is gray, then you should probably visit the doctor. Don\’t forget to recommend this to your friends.

The Tongue

We wouldn\’t have thought before, but the tongue tells a lot about our health. It\’s not 100% reliable, but it can be a great indicator. If someone\’s tip of their tongue is red, it is usually caused by living life too fast. People with these signs should definitely go on a vacation soon.

Another sign from your tongue can be a thick coating on it, usually at the back of it. It suggests that something is wrong with your digestion. If you perceive this symptom for a long time, then you should probably see a doctor.

Your Nails

Your nails are also a great indicator of your overall health. If your nail bed is pink, without any discoloration, and your nails are generally strong, then there\’s nothing to be afraid of. On the other hand, if you have brown stains in the nail bed, or it looks pitted and your nails get thinner, it can be the sign of fungus infection, lupus or even anemia.

Your Hair

Healthy shiny hear = good overall health. Differently, if it gets dry and thin, there might be some problems. It is either your nutrition, stress or nutrient malabsorption. Try eliminating the first two, if nothing changes, it is time to see the doctor.

Cracks At The Corners Of Your Mouth

I think this has already happened to all of us before. Some hurting cracks appeared at the corners of our mouth that made eating those delicious foods a lot less fulfilling. It is often caused by the lack of iron in your system, or some kind of skin infection. Try using lip balm for a few days, but if it doesn\’t get better, get it checked with your doctor.

Bad Breath

If someone has a bad breath it can be caused by excess smoking, coffee or poor dental health. On the other hand, it can be caused by not eating enough. When you don\’t provide sufficient energy supply to your body it will start burning your fats instead. Burning these fats will build-up acids called ketones which will cause bad breath.


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