The 20 Best Apps to Help You Get Fit

We looked at theses in terms of popularity, real world support like video clips, high quality pictures and sensible illustrative material. All these apps promise the achievement of some level of fitness improvement and weight loss, and some promise rather rapid fitness and weight loss – but you need to adhere to the programs quite strictly.

1/20 – Lose weight in 30 days [2019]
Editor’s choice
Training plan
Coach tips
30 days plan with exercises

2/20 – Transform with Chris and Heidi
Meal and hydration tracker that is fairly well reviewed.
There are the inevitable complaints about it not working on some phones

3/20 – Female Fitness

Leap fitness group

Work out at Home Training plan focusing on all the key areas
Health tips
Track progress personalized

4/20 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout at Home
Very highly rated
You can tailor your workout to target your area of choice.

5/20 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro

Same as app before essentially, except it is ad free

6/20 – Workout for Women | Weight Loss Fitness App

By 7M

Workout Apps

Claims to improve your health in a workout of 7 minutes a day
Features 7 minute Classic, Sweat, Women routines
Bikini Body Weight Loss

7/20 – Gym Workout Planner – Weightlifting Plans


Goal specific workout plans based on your overall shape
Exercise videos with images
You can even add your own workout and exercises

8/20 – Stretching Exercises – Flexibility Training
Stretching for different athletic types, for runners, for exercise or pain relief.
Stretching routines with voice and video guide.
Can be customized, and there are no equipment home workout options.

9/20 – Beginner Workout – Your First Month at the Gym Program

Step-by-step workouts that have been chosen to get you gently into working out.

10/20 – Home Workout – No Equipment

Leap Fitness Group

Exactly as it says. Home workouts no equipment
Many well visually supported resistance and cardio workouts designed to be run using only your own body.

11/20 – JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting Gym Log app
Like the title says, you can log your gym time and workouts.
HD Video and with full instructions.

12/20 – 7 Minutes Workout
App claims a scientific basis to their workout which has proven to improve your cardiovascular function.
Ideal for Entry level to Mid-level fitness goals
Users love it because you can fit multiple 7 minute sessions into a day.

13/20 –


Workout for Women. Lose weight in 30 days.
Features tons of videos for no equipment workouts.
Has achievement badges to help keep you motivated, and lets you share on social media so you can get your girl power behind you

14/20 – Weight Loss Workout for Men, Lose weight – 30 days

Android Pixels

Weight loss workouts for fast bodybuilding at home
Weight loss for Men, tracked by day
Training plan targeting specific areas
Equipment-free workouts and instructions
30-Day meal plan

15/20 – Slim NOW 2019 – Weight Loss workouts
All-in-One Women specific 28 day weight loss program
Home workouts
Hips, Abs, Legs workout sessions
Personal workout guide
Systemic Meal Plan including day-to-day meals and snacks

16/20 – Step Counter – Pedometer

Leap Fitness Group

Takes up very little space on your phone.
Essentially a step counter that will graph your steps per day of the week.
Clear easy visuals.
Has a timeline representation for day, week, month.

17/20 – Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

mEL Studio

One of the good yoga lose weight exercise plans with effective fat burner exercises you can do at home.  
Features best 80 yoga poses with video instructions
A weight loss plan over 3 months.

18/20 – Hatha yoga for beginners


mEL Studio

3 programs featuring 42 different poses based on your personal choices
Program running over 3 months.
Audio, video and text instructions.
19/20 – Aerobics Workout Home – Weight loss in 30 Days

Android Pixels

The reviews on this are good.
30-Day workout plan
Choose specific Training plans
Home workouts, including aerobics workouts
It is a light app, offering much of the same exercise routines and tracked workout progress as many others out there, but it is much lighter on your phone memory.

20/20 – Dance workout videos: Weight Loss Dance  [2018]



Dance workout videos for weight loss and fitness
Create a playlist of videos with aerobic exercises.
Options including classic Aerobics, Zumba, Cardio, Belly Dancing, Pilates, Yoga and Dirty Dance workout options
Has a specific choice for viewing on your tablet
Some videos connect to YouTube, and can experience all the usual YouTube problems displaying videos.

The same application development names keep cropping up, but that is probably because they have some experience making apps that work. Many are free, and some have paid (meaning ad free) subscription options.

If weight loss is your goal, many promise weight loss in 30 Days. Remember you WILL lose weight in 30 days if you stick to even the simplest regimen. But you may not reach your goal weight in that time.

There are always a host of complaints about apps not working ranging from the sarcastic to the poke/wave comments.