Harmful Foods We Often Give to Children

1. Juice

A lot of people believe that juice is very healthy and for that reason, they keep buying their children juice. Perhaps it has something to do with the colorful packaging that often says healthy. However, these fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, which is definitely not good for their health. Even the ones that claim to be freshly squeezed are usually not.

They go through processing which pretty much takes away the original flavor of the fruit so to make it palatable, sugar and different flavors are added. Sure the “freshly squeezed” ones will retain some of the nutrients but the added sugar cancels out their health benefits. As such, they end up having even more calories than soft drinks. Instead of giving your child juice, you could just give them a whole fruit instead, along with a glass of water to wash it down. They will benefit from the nutrients, including fibre that is often washed down.