Foods to Avoid With Braces

Braces can be quite the nuisance. Such a pain in every sense of the word. Think about it. Having wires and metal in your mouth is just not the most comfortable thing. They push your teeth and make you feel so sore. When you eat and the food gets stuck in them or when it ruins the wires, you definitely feel it. Braces also make it more difficult for you to do the most basic things to your teeth, like brushing or flossing them. While keeping them is a struggle, it is worth it because in the end, you will have some great looking teeth. Here is a list of foods to completely avoid and those to just minimize or be careful with in order to make your experience with braces less painful.

1. Gum


The problem with gum is that it is very sticky. Chewing gum when you have braces is not a good idea because the gum could get stuck in between both the wires and brackets. Gum could even bend a wire or some, which could end up misaligning the teeth instead of having them straight.

Gum is made to dissolve in saliva so some bits of it will sit on the wires of your braces until you find a way of pulling them all out strand by strand. It’s better to save yourself the hassle.