Foods That Cause Cancer

Our bodies are usually designed to thrive on whole foods but unfortunately, we take in more processed meals than whole foods, which make us less healthy. Preservatives, additives and the extra salt and sugar put a strain on our bodies. The harder our bodies work to digest meals, the worse the situation gets because it causes fatigue and increases the chances of getting cancer.
The worst part is foods that are marketed as healthy are not exactly healthy and sometimes, even the way we prepare the food puts us at more risk of getting cancer. The following are foods that cause cancer or increase the risk of getting it.

1. Grilled red meat


Doctors and other experts often advise that we limit the amount of red meat we take. Reducing our intake of fatty red meat to a few servings in a week will significantly reduce your risk of getting cancer. Should you choose to indulge, it’s worth avoiding the char marks despite them being very tasty.

Foods that have been cooked at high temperatures produce acrylamide which is a known carcinogen. Meat that’s been prepared on the grill also takes unhealthy stuff from either the grill or the wood. It is therefore worth reducing your intake of meat and choosing organic foods instead. Just don’t overcook the organic foods.